Network Cabling in Server Room

network Cabling

    Why do you need Structured Network Cabling?

    Your communications equipment (computers, printers, phones) send important signals between devices within seconds. These signals are sent across a network cable. Hire a contractor that understands the industry installation standards to ensure the maximum performance on your investment (cabling). Settling for a sub standard contractor and hardware will inevitably lead to problems as your network becomes more congested. A structured network cabling solution is cheaper than you think. Call CTT Telcom to find out more!

    Why should you have your Network Cables Audit Scanned

    Audit scanning is the most important part of installing or relocating network cables. Whenever network cables are installed they should be tested. There are two ways of testing and the first method can be done using a continuity checker. This checks to make sure that terminations are correct and information can be sent and received by each device. However, most cabling companies and/or electrical contractors only use this method and they never use the second, more thorough method called audit scanning.

    Audit scanning is the final and most important step in the entire process because it tests the cable's maximum performance. Problems with the installation techniques and hardware will be shown in scanned results. Scanning can also show if a device's components are malfunctioning. Having your cables tested and audit scanned is included with each installation. Our reports will ensure that your cabling will perform at a high standard. No more dropped connections!

    You can trust that Network Cabling completed by CTT Telcom will keep up with your network's speed requirements. We install, repair, and scan network cabling.