Fiber Optics Cabling Technician Working


    Are you considering Fiber Optics?

    You may be upgrading your network equipment needing Fiber Optic links to operate. Or you may have existing Fiber Optic cables that need to be repaired, we are your fiber optic specialists. Our qualified and trained Technicians will ensure that your investment is installed or repaired correctly. Avoid the headaches caused by hiring substandard contractors; our connections have been proven to last for over 20 years!

    When to choose Fiber Optics?

  • You're upgrading your communications equipment, that requires fiber links
  • If you have a congested data centre or hub, requiring the transmission of large amounts of information (1 gig to 10 gig).
  • You're experiencing problems with your current network like slow network / internet speeds.
  • You may require backbone cables to run long distances
  • If you operate in an industrial environment
  • If you operate in an environment that is susceptible to high or low temperatures

    Our Fiber Optic cable solutions will ensure your network cabling meets the requirements of your equipment. Call us now for more advice and/or a free consultation!